Adam Lambert - Better Than I Know Myself03:41

Adam Lambert - Better Than I Know Myself

Better Than I Know Myself


Trespassing Album Cover

Tresspassing is an album by Adam Lambert that has been out since 2012. It consists of 12 songs unless you get the deluxe album which consists of 3 more songs. 


1. Trespassing

2. Cuckoo

3. Shady

4. Never Close Our Eyes

5. Kickin' In

6. Naked Love

7. Pop That Lock

8. Better Than I Know Myself

9. Broken English

10. Underneath

11. Chokehold

12. Outlaws of Love 


13. Runnin'

14. Take Back

15. Nirvana

Youtube, Spotify, PandoraEdit

Adam Lambert's Trespassing is available on youtube. Vevo has official music videos to some such as the video I posted. Trespassing is also available on Spotify including the deluxe. Pandora has these added as well. Pandora will play Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Ke$ha along with the album.

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